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We know that for the final result of the clothing to be the desired one, it is necessary to pay close attention to the underwear as well. Panties, bras, shorts, petticoats, straps, corsets, shapers and all the other options also interfere with the way the clothes look on the body - and different underwear often leave a different look.

For those who like clothes with vintage inspiration, the importance of making good choices in the underwear is even greater. The female body was much more dressed in past decades, with many more layers of clothing and with a special attention to the underwear, in particular the shape of the bras, the petticoats and corsets. It is important to take all this into account when planning a look, because forgetting that part interferes with the final result and can be very frustrating.

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I recently met an international online store called Feelingirldress that works with several fashion categories, including plus size and shapewear. The website is very intuitive, easy to navigate, with a modern design and pleasant to navigate. They ship worldwide and accept payment via paypal and international credit card. Enjoy Feelingirldress on sale.

The store's shapewear category is incredible and filled with beautiful, utilitarian pieces - and best of all, the price is very friendly. Perhaps now is the time to buy the best body shaper, to boost your looks. 

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With the right shapewear you guarantee the perfect hourglass shape for a 40's or 50's silhouette, for example, and look amazing in a tube dress, a pencil skirt or even a combination of top and circle skirt. Have you ever think maybe it's time to buy waist trainer wholesale best black friday 2020With the waist trainer, in addition to shaping the waist and making it look more beautiful under clothes, you can also reduce measurements and make your waist more marked under clothes. Incredible, right?

Did you already know Feelingirldress? What did you think of the store? Tell me in the comments <3

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